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2/23/2018This gallery will no longer be updated. Please check my other website, mentioned below.
8/12/2014Need to contact me? Email Me
8/12/2014I have created an alternative cel gallery just in case Rubberslug fully kicks the bucket ^^

You can find it here: Royal Crimson Cel Gallery

It even has a shop ^^
7/9/2014I added a FOR SALE OR TRADE section

At this point everything in this section is for sale or trade. Prices posted are ex shipping. For a trade (or partial trade) I am looking for good Dragonball and Windaria cels only, with a focus on the main characters.

My wish list gives an indication of what I am looking for. If you have any for sale, don't hesitate to contact me.

EDIT: I have been getting many (sometimes rude) emails from people asking me to sell my Dragonball items, but please, My Dragonball and Windaria sections are NOT for sale!

Rubberslug feedback doesn't work, contact me through email.

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