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No More Updating
last modified: Monday, April 16, 2018 (3:51:44 PM CST)
I will no longer be updating my gallery here.
A couple of years ago I created my own website so that I could display my cels and artwork the way I wanted to.

Rubberslug feels like the plug is about to be pulled from its life support and it is more and more getting quite a hassle to maintain.

I hate that feedback is not working, or the search. The shop has been a joke for years, and I can't even delete old cels that were sold almost a decade ago.

Now this has been going on for a while now and a while back I decided it was time for me to move my collection to a website where I could display my cels the way I wanted to with bigger images and more artistic freedom on how I want things to look.

Maintaining two websites is a bit much though. So I've decided to no longer update my Rubberslug gallery.

In case people would like to know or get in touch with me, my gallery is here: https://royallycrimson.jimdo.com

Good luck everyone, hopefully Jason will find some way to restore (or update) Rubberslug so it will regain some of it's former glory :)
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Well...this sucks :(
last modified: Thursday, November 05, 2015 (1:35:14 PM CST)
This morning I noticed a new DBZ auction on eBay.


The reason this cel stands out extra for me is that last week I was watching this very same cel on YJ. Unfortunately I could not bid on it because the deposit I had made at my new deputy service was still being processed at the time the auction ended.

Powerless to do anything I saw this cel end at around $60!

So add some fees and shipping back and forth and lets say that this cel cost the winner around $100.
And that is a generous calculation.

Now, I understand people like to make some money.
I am not saying I condone it, because the only reason this person bid on this cel was to resell it with profit, but in a way, I understand.
Another hobby I'm involved in is collecting steelbooks and this hobby suffers a lot from scalpers. Nothing new there.

But you know, a mark-up of $230 is downright insulting!!

To be honest; I donít really understand the reasoning behind this sort of actions. Cel collecting is not exactly a hobby with a huge market and a lot (if not all) of the people who collect cels, have access to the same websites.
Chances are the people who might be interested in this cel, are the very same people this seller bid against and/or who saw this cel end at $60!

I MIGHT have been willing to buy this cel from him for a reasonable price, but for a $230 dollar mark-up this cel will not end up in one of my celbooks.
I know of another dark place where he can put it though.

Bah. I am not liking this trend at all ):<
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So even after another year...
last modified: Friday, September 25, 2015 (4:29:12 AM CST)
...I still can't say goodbye ^^

I even bought another cel.
Jeez...when will this hobby release its hold on me.

Haha...I'm such a nerd! :D

How's everyone doing? Anyone want to sell me good DBZ cels?
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Tell me Cel Community, What the F happened?
last modified: Friday, August 08, 2014 (12:24:24 PM CST)
So, after a three year hiatus I've returned to cel collecting...sort of ^^

I have decided to keep only my Windaria section (there is no way I will ever be selling those) and start over on creating a small collection of my first love, the Dragonball series.

So, I have been revamping the gallery, checking the old sites and putting my feelers out and I have learned several interesting things:

- Rubberslug is on life support.
My feedback does not work, I can not move items, can not upload PNG files in some areas even though the site tells me PNGs are accepted and my gallery kicks me out everytime I want to make changes. I have a new featered gallery image pending approval for over 17 days and my Popular Items list only consists of cels that have been sold years ago. Nice.

- Anime-Beta has become a pretty boring place. *snooze*

- Rubberslug has become even more boring than that *comatosed*

- SSJ4 Gogeta is apparently worth the price of a small second hand car nowadays. And to think I sold my SSJ4 Gogeta cel for $350 bucks back then, I guess I forgot a zero.

- Genga of Goku doing a kamehameha are worth $600 *laughs the laugh of over 9000 laughs*

- Mysteriously though my original pencil and ink sketch of D made by Yutaka Minowa is worth only $90. Go figure. I received an offer last night of $90 for that baby, with a sidenote that it was an honest offer and I should consider because it is a fair deal.
I honestly do not know if I should be amused or insulted.

- Leah has been cheating on Ichigo with Ranma en Batman.

- Only 1 out 10 collectors responds to gallery feedback.

- Animanga forum is still running.

- No, really.

- But nobody ever won that horrible cel that has been listed in the Cels Lottery for decades.

- And Richard Self is the most persistent man on the net.

- Collectors are being harrassed into selling their shit.

- Nobody wants high end cels for high prices, but weirdly enough nobody wants them for low prices either.

- Except on Mandarake BWA.

- I have rated every single rateable gallery on Rubberslug.
Where is my frickin medal!

Did I miss anything?
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So what's up Cel Community?
last modified: Saturday, June 28, 2014 (5:36:11 PM CST)
You still alive?
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